Park Lane, Knypersley, Biddulph, Staffordshire

Established 1951




There are various accounts about the school before it became Bateman Girls School , here is a short recollection from Betty Ball, born 1929: "Although the building of the school was commenced, it was not entirely finished, but was used for a time as a barracks for the American soldiers, stationed in Biddulph prior to 'D' day. I did not acutally see for myself, but understood that during this time the inside of the building was not plastered, and was in fact merely a shell and very basic. I do not know when work recommenced but probly the building of the school was planed to meet the need of additional accommodation in connection wth hope of increasing the school age, but unfortunately, war intervened. The Education Act passed in 1944 stipulated full time attendance at school was , at some unspecified date to be made compulsory to age sixteen.'

Many thanks to Betty who attended Biddulph Council School (Kingsfield County First School, Gunn Street), from 1935 to Christmas 1943, leaving at the age of 14 to go and work at Cowlishaw and Walker.


More memories by Betty Plant, born 1934:

Betty was born in 1934 and attended Knypersley Primary school at the age of 5, (1939). She used to live in Park Lane and can remember Bateman Girls School as a 'shell', being occupied by American soldiers during the later stages of World War 2. She remembers that they were also at the ERF site in Biddulph Moor and the officers were at Fairhaven. Like most people I have spoken to, the soldiers were very friendly and it was the first time a coloured person had been seen in Biddulph. Betty recalls that when she was at school she would see the soldiers and they used to give the children chewing gum: Not the usual tablet shaped , but flat and oblong. Like the ones you get today.

She also remembers walkig along the 'Clap Hatch', a footpath from Park Lane to the villas in Tunstall Road. St Johns Road did not exist.

1951 - The School gets occupied and the sound of children is heard............

The governors of the school - Biddulph Knypersley Secondary Modern Girls' School met for the first time on 16th MAY 1951 and during the meeting the new headmistress was selected. Here are a fw extracts from the minutes, which give you a brief history into how the school developed:

16.5.1951   Paving along front of school needed adjoining main road (Park Lane)

Suggestion for school name Bateman Secondary School, Churchfield Secondary School, Greenways Secondary School and finally, Knypersley Secondary School were considered.

A portion of the land in front of the school was to be offered to the Highways Authority for the purpose of road widening (Park Lane). This meant the Authority would be responsible for providing the required footpath


Bateman Secondary Girl's School, Knypersley adopted as new name for the school .

Front not yet completed

19.1.1953   Work began on playing field, Main playground not yey started

Playground started in Ju ly 1953 and 2 tennis courts to be erected on it.

Footpath at front completed

24.5.1954   County Architects report - No more wok to be carried out until 31.3.1956


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