Newpool Road, Knypersley, Biddulph, Staffordshire

Established 1911




Knypersley Primary School as seen be former pupils

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Ivor Hill attended school from 1948 to 1954

A few thoughts about Knypersley Primary School. I attended the school from 1948 to1954 going onto Biddulph Secondary Boys School.  I remember Mr Friar the Head. and Mrs Green the Dinnerlady, who stood over you while you ate your greens!  I walked  from 88 Brown Lees Road through Newpool Terrace and then the fields to the school.   I was collected from home each day by Rita Wild, a pupil at Park Middle School, who also brought me home.  It was a pleasant school which gave me a good grounding for my later education.


This is a letter, un edited by Lavinia Stanway Mottram.  She left for America in March 1922

My Memories of Knypusley School

 I have a vivid menory of being kept in from recess at the Kindergarten school to correctly learn my phonetics before I could graduate to first grade.

My first grade teacher was a Mrs. Copeland.  Her family were in business at the bottom of Tunstall Rd. opposite the Weslyen Chapel. Mrs. Copeland was a good teacher.

The next teacher I recall was a Miss Mountford, she impressed me with always doing something to her teeth and her finger nails. Teaching?   I have no impression of what she taught.

My memory remembers a Mrs. Stanway she was a good Math teacher, as I recall. Mrs. Stanway, was no relation. Next Miss Lees, who was as I remember, a lovely person, she was young and certainly made an impression on me.

I remember having to go out in the corridor and recite from memorized portions of "The Merchant of Venice, and other poems we were studying,

Mr. Lowe, who we called "Goffer Lowe" always had the first class. He would combine a couple of classes and we studied the Bible, we all had to read a verse, and would count ahead so as to be repaired to read when it came your turn. Have to admit my deepest studying of the Bible came in those days. 

The playgroungs were separated, the girls played Hop Scotch and Jump Rope.

The Bully of the school was a Jimmy Nixon. He lived on Tunstall Rd. One day on his was to school, he wrote four letter words on the walls. I knew they were naughty words but did not know their meaning. Mr. Lowe made him clean them off.

 I was monitor for th.e 7th grade and the Brown Twins and Fred Worthington were in the Boys Cloak Room. They made a nuisance of themselves. The 7th Grade was off the Boys Cloak Room and they were bothering me, so I closed and locked the door. They pulled faces and stuck out their. tongues on the glass panes -not knowing my own strength I put my hand through the glass and got a nasty cat on the wrist; have to see the scar to remind me. The next morning we were called in front of the class and Goffer Lowe issued out the punishment. One cane on the hand for me and one on each hand for the boys and we were suppose to pay a shilling towards the repairs. Not withstanding my parents were displeased. Mr. Lowe, was contacted on his way to the school. He lived on the lower Tunstall Rd. we lived at #45. f h'ave2arfeeling my mother did not pay the shilling.

Rona Fox and I were close friends. She visited me severa1 times here in the States.  She married one of the Brown Twins. I remember Eva Sutton, she was a good student. She made an impression on me when she received a mark of excellent from Miss Lees, on a composition she wrote. I envied her ability.

Mr. Lowe, had a choir, made up out of the top grades. I sang alto, it was all to strengthen his Methodist Choir. When they had a special week and Sunday in the spring -can't recall the name -probably anniversary Sunday -Rona Fox and I were chosen one time to help out. The church was on station Rd.

My memories of school days at Knypusley are trevial. I would have graduated at the end of the school year in 1922, but we left 66r America in March of 22. I did two more years of grade school here in America, which were very helpful.

Please excuse mistakes If I recalled names wrong. With Best of wishes for another 75 years.


A Former Pupil of Knypusley ~ School


Lavinia Stanway Mottram


Lavinia Walker












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