"Whoso neglects learning in his youth,
Loses the past and is dead for the future
Euripides 484 BC - 406 BC 

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Not The Blue Book is for everyone and for all levels.
A reader of any of the monthly biking magazines will find something of use in this book, a cautious rider can learn how to improve and the more able rider can identify where he is likely to go wrong.

Your complete 'all you need to know' guide to advanced motorcycling.


Advanced Motorcycle Training .Com wil supporting the Andy Taft Charitable Trust in 2007 and beyond........

The Andy Taft Charitable Trust - (ATCT) - Registered Charity 1117584 has
been in operation since 3 June 2006.  The trust was formed as a direct
result of the devastating loss of life suffered by Andy Taft in a motorcycle accident in November 2005.  This tragedy had a huge impact on Andy's family, friends and colleagues who were determined to establish
some form of lasting tribute to Andy.

The Andy Taft Charitable Trust will work in conjunction with other
agencies, authorities and groups, both nationally and locally, in order to
achieve its objectives in Staffordshire and the surrounding areas.  The
objectives of the trust are shown below:

Objective 1: To advance the protection and preservation of human life by
supporting the provision of immediate medical pre-hospital care to persons
involved in road traffic accidents in Staffordshire and the surrounding

Objective 2: To advance the preservation and protection of good health of
motorcyclists and their families who have been involved in, or suffered a
loss through a road traffic accident in Staffordshire and the surrounding
areas by facilitating support networks.

Objective 3: To advance the education of the public in motorcyclist
safety, in particular but not exclusively, by raising the profile of road
safety awareness and by promoting motorcycle-training initiatives.


Keep it Safe - Keep it the Blackstuff ! !

Stoke on Trent City Council - SMUG

Want to report a dangerous pot hole or fuel spillage ring...

Out of hours emergency 01782 234234 (New number)


The ‘Handle It' initiative started in 2003 as a web-based resource, with the aim of helping you get more out of your bike, and also to help limit the numbers of bike casualties – particularly on rural roads. ‘Handle It' is here to try to protect you, your licence, and your freedom to ride.

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Motorcycle Safety Instruction for Street and Dirt bikes in Southern California for beginners and experienced riders. Learn how to ride a motorcycle in a private class (one on one) and become a safer rider. Personal Motorcycle riding instruction for women.

Child road safety - Safe and Smiling
The ultimate in high impact road safety presentations for primary school children - already seen by more than 1,500.000 nationwide!

Guide to Motorcycling (cbt-direct access etc)



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