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I ' m just writing to say how much I enjoyed the day ' s training with you.

I am really pleased with how much your expert help and advice has improved my riding.  I am sure that your course would be of benefit to anyone looking to improve their riding skills and survival on the bike.

You made me feel completely at ease, not an easy task.  The regular debriefs throughout the day were really beneficial as they helped clarify the things you had shown on the road.   It was also useful to follow you on your own machine as this allowed me to follow the line of the bends and see where I should po sition myself to gain the best view in  whole variety of hazards .

I was impressed by your own observation of the situations and hazards which you relayed to me as we pro gressed.  It was like training to be a Jedi biker under the tutelage of Master Yoda.  I am still amazed at just how far you look when assessing the road. 

I hope to be able to come back again in 2009 for 2 or 3 day s.

I know we discussed the costs and whilst they may appear expensive, I believe when you consider the options of not training with an advanced instructor like yourself , the cost is actually worth it.  The benefits in terms of improved survivability far outweigh the money spent.  I believe t he capital outlay for the course should not be the deciding factor .   I would urge anyone who is strapped for cash to sell their kidneys or the mother in law ' s body to science , or rob a bank to get the money.

I would be happy to talk to anyone about how good the course is should they wish to contact me personally.

Anyway may the force be with you.

I look forward to seeing you next year.

Kind regards

Charlie Poxon

PS. Thanks for all the free videos you put on You T ube , they are superb!

  Mr Advanced Biker, I really enjoy your videos and have learnt a lot from them. No man is a perfect rider, but you display a truely excellent attitude of humility, and this keeps you open to learning all the time,and the rest of us a bit safer, it is very easy to criticise as certain " merchant bankers" have felt a compelling need to.
I have just completed a safer motorcylcing and riding technique course. Could you recommend any others?
  Nothing to do with Bike Sense but came accross this video by Nigel Bowers of Advanced Motorcycle Training . As a motorcyclist it is always nice to see how the pros do it - and filtering is often one of those grey areas that people get wrong all the time.

Hi Nigel,

I was going to drop you an email but you beat me to it :)

I have received the DVD, thank you, and I was very taken with the fact that I was actually printed on the disks. Didn't realise straight away which was a bit dim on my part.

I had a superb time, and the weather didn't detract from it at all because I didn't get cold. I learnt a lot that day with your excellent instruction, and definitely feel better with my riding. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and I hope to do another course in the future. I might win another raffle :)

Thanks very much for a smashing day. Dave enjoyed it too.

Best Regards,...Emma

JUNE 2008 ROSPA Test

Hi Nigel

Just to say great big thank you for taking me for the test today. I really did enjoy my ride and are more pleased than you will ever no with the result it is great to meet people like your self that put a lot of thought in to making motor bikes more fun to ride in a very safe manner,

Paul Cartwright


2008 Youtube feedback
Thanks! 13 May 2008
I've watched a few of your excellent video clips on youtube and really just wanted to say thanks. I have so far completed my CBT training, am about to do my theory test and then will do a DAS course to hopefully gain my full licence. The plan after this is to get a 600c bike and look to do some further (advanced) training as soon as possible.
Watching your videos has really opened my eyes to the amount of learning required for safe riding and that there is so much more to learn after getting a full licence. After watching your videos I hope to be a safer biker. I can't wait to get my licence.
Thanks (again!),

2008 One Day Assessment Course 8th May 2008

Hi Nigel,

Just wanted to say thanks, Gary is normally a man of few words but has had lots to say this week, he really enjoyed his days riding with you, thanks again for making his birthday present a memory he will not forget. He took me out last night on the bike to demonstrate his new riding style, i have to say without insulting how he rode before that is was smoother on the bends but a bit weird for me as we weren't going round the corners the way I've been used to, so I'm the one who now has some learning to do. Again thanks for making his day!


February 2008

Simon Weir BIKE Magazine

Enhanced Rider Assessment - Use of Video


The clip on Youtube:- That's absolutely brilliant – well, the minimal display of rear obs isn't, but it's brilliant to see myself ride. I've not had that before and it's absolutely fascinating. Really rams home the points you made – they're the same things I'm looking at and thinking, faster, give it more space, late on line, where's the shoulder check?!!! What a good device!

Thank you very much Simon



Hi Nigel,    

Thanks for taking the time to send me the DVD. I watched it from start to finish as soon as it arrived. I really like the way the DVD has been put together, everything is simple and concise and explained in a way that makes it easy to memorise and put into practice when out riding. I think the DVD has some really useful techniques and ideas that a rider of any level could utilise in order to make there riding experience safer and more enjoyable. The thing I noticed most is how the riders begin to 'flow' all of the techniques together. I will definetly use this DVD as a reference point in the future and look forward to passing my DAS so I can continue with advanced training.


2008 NVQ Feedback from Assessor Jon Tiley

I have just found my feedback report from my NVQ on road instructional observation session. (Bit of background - The assessor was running late and as he arrived a car driver knocked my motorcycle over in the car park. Thank goodness for Duck tape).

Name: Nigel Bowers - Date of assessment: 2/8/02 - Elements assessed: Positioning for view Location of assessment: Staffordshire - Name of assessor: Jon Tilley Assessor

Feedback: Nigel is obviously an experienced motorcycle instructor. He carefully explained what he wanted fiom his customer. Encouraged his customer throughout and praised when required. What a difficult start! I commend Nigel for managing to do any coaching at all. As well as the 'car park incident!' I was running late so Nigel was up against the clock as well. I saw some very good instruction despite the above......... Nigel has a good professional manner, and wealth of knowledge and experience, and the enviable ability to stay calm under extreme pressure! Nigel has a good professional manner, and wealth of knowledge and experience, and the enviable ability to stay calm under extreme pressure!

2008 Review of DVD
  Nigel, I've just watched your DVD. You must be extremely pleased with it. It looks very professional. I liked the use of the sub-titles during the early rider examples, they really get the viewer evolved and watching for hazards and features  instead of just blankly staring at the screen and listening to the instructor tell everyone how great he is. I've seen a couple like that!
2007 Review of DVD

I have watched a significant number of your video clips on YouTube and have found them not only interesting but very useful as I am currently working towards the IAM test.

However, and please be assured that I am asking and not critisising. the A500 filtering clip filled me with dread as you are in the offside lane and the oncoming traffic has to move to the near side.

I would appreciate the rationale of this overtaking? When I have discussed filtering with my Observers the overriding message was "don't make your self the meat in the sandwich"

I would like to thank you for sharing your videos. I realy do feel that watching them has helped me so much espcially in terms of bend positioning and using the vanishing points. I now give my self a running commentary alot fo the time and the terms "Friendly", "plan for the left/ right" and "chase it (the vanishing point) " are now regular parts of my biking vocabulary.

My favourite clip however is the "day off from training" run from Broxton over to Wrexham. I now see that road in a different light and make much better progress over than previously.

Finally, after having a successful IAM "pre-test" run today I wil be applying for the test over this weekend. What would you suggest as a next step once I pass IAM? Obseving, Rospa, Commericial Training, Bikesafe day?

Your advise wil be appreciated.

A direct email reply to

will be much apprecaited.


Patrick Turnbull
Tim Brown Assessment Ride - Auction winner Andy Taft Charitable Trust

Hello Nigel, Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the ride out on monday, and to thank you for all your positive comments about my riding, and for your constuctive critisism, it's given me food for thought, and set me on a plan to re-evaluate my riding.  I'm looking forward to the dvd . Tim

After winning two advanced motorcycle assessment vouchers with Advanced Motorcycle at the first annual bikers ball, organised by the Andy Taft Charitable Trust , I arranged for myself and good friend Jon Everall to meet up with instructor Nigel Bowers at Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire.

We all enjoyed a two hour ride around Staffordshire and Shropshire, taking it in turn to take the lead, with all the action captured on Nigel's on bike camera system. Throughout the trip Nigel gave us encouragement as well as helpful information an ways of honing our riding skills. It was also a pleasure to follow Nigel, who's fluid and positive riding style is something to aspire to.

A week after the assessment the DVD of our trip arrived, professionally put together and presented, a great keepsake, and an opportunity to actually see the need for perhaps a little more work to improve my riding technique, thereby enhancing my enjoyment of motorcycle riding and those all important safety margins.

Thankyou to the Andy Taft Charitable Trust , and Nigel Bowers of Advanced Motorcycle

Ride safe,

Tim Brown, Triumph Speed Triple owner/rider.

Carl Prosser One day assessment workshop 4.8.2007

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for another great day out, I enjoyed and will continue to appreciate the day out immensely through the DVD - the safety your knowledge brings to my everyday riding is worth every penny.

Best Wishes

Carl Prosser
Matrix Graphics Limited

Ian Third Review of latest DVD - Ride to Survive 2007 15.8.2007
  Hi Nigel

Thanks for the dvd, that was very kind of you, I've watched most of it and have to say that it is excellent ...good examples of all types of situations , with REAL people and REAL vehicles!!!! I'm currently doing my observer training with the IAM and will be more than happy to recommend this DVD to other motorcyclists....Great Tuition....Great Examples...Relaxed Calm and Cool Advice...  

Excellent DVD....

Many Thanks and Good Luck for the Future..

All The Best

David Robertson Review of DVD Ride to Survive 2007 - August 2007
  This was an interesting and informative DVD that consists of loads of good quality of 'on-bike' footage filmed from the instructor's motorcycle, hence it makes for a quite entertaining and educational viewing. Strong points were good commentary on the student's riding technique, great quality footage broken up into sections to help viewers understand the essential riding skills and a real feeling that you had participated in a riding lesson/assessment.

Verdict: A great accompaniment to a book such as Motorcycle Roadcraft or other such theoretical publications, everyone can learn something from such a DVD put together by a top-flight motorcycle instructor, well worth a look.
David Vout One day advanced asssessment workshop 18.7.2007

Hi Nige,

Firstly I need to Thank YOU for a fantastic job well done. You really have given me a massive boost of confidence to move forward. I really feel much safer now and this is only the start. My only two issues right now are to keep within the 80% bounds of my capabilities and keeping the bike clean. It was filthy after yesterday and I hate cleaning bikes! But that's a whole other issue! If you need anyone as a reference......- Feel free to pass on my name and number to them. Above all else you are an excellent instructor and well-worth the investment. Yes I see such training as an investment

Thanks for your report and the DVD. I really apprecited the honest feedback. For someone like me - your pointed comments eliminate the BS and allow me to understand quickly what I need to do. I am simply in awe as to how much more I can learn from watching the DVD of the day. You can actually see how certain items of riding such as positioning really improve. One of the things I was particularly suprised with positioning was when overtaking. There were a number of times on the DVD when you'd pulled out anticipating my overtake - but I remember I just could not see from my position. Then there were times I have to say that make me cringe. Still the replay of the day's events DVD means I get to see a considerable amount of my riding and hear the correct naration. With the presentation of the DVD and report you do a great job. The personal stamps such as the photo's on the DVD are a nice touch and must cost you quite some time over and above the day's instruction.


Bob Millard Feedback from RIDE TO SURVIVE DVD 2007

Hi Nigel,

The DVD's arrived yesterday and I found them excellent!

I put the advice to good use later that evening when I took a ride around the Brecon Beacons and found I was noticing more of what the road ahead was going to do and also setting myself up for the corners.

Chonky Motorcycle News Video uploads 23.7.2007

Bend Assesment & Cat & Fiddle

Thank you! these videos not only show that riders can and will ride safely and can still enjoy the ride. We should encourage more of this and show more government bodies that motorbikes and there riders are resposible people. What i have also found very pleasant is that a policeman or ex policeman wants to help and has found his own way of passing on his knowledge without ramming a safety message down our throats. This should be applauded and encouraged. Thankyou and enjoyable riding!


Greg Holtham One Day Assessment Workshop Monday 21st May 2007

Nigel Many thanks for this. I thorougly enjoyed the day and the course overall. I have been out a couple of times since and really noticed a difference in the way I approach the ride and how my riding skills have improved. (Looking beyond the bend I'm in, improved speed, more control, smoother overall ride) I will keep in touch and will pass your detail onto friends who may wish to attend a similar day Once again many thanks...... and I will keep in touch.


Tony Brammer One Day Assessment Workshop Friday 11th May 2007

I came across Nigel's details from a link on Bike Magazine, I'm a new convert to motor bikes having only passed my test in my 50's. I had to wait four months for some decent weather and we met up just south of Alderley Edge. Much to my pleasure Nigel turned up wearing the exact same kit, REV'IT, great stuff. Unfortunately that's where the similarities ended, he's an expert on a bike and I've been riding for 6 months. The day comprised of a quick chat to explain what I wanted out of the day followed by a quick assessment with me riding in front and Nigel appraising my skills. We then set off for what turned out to be a 160 mile bike ride around North Wales and Shropshire , stopping regularly for rests and debriefs. I found Nigel's manner very relaxing and I was always at ease with what I was doing and enjoyed the ride immensely. By the end of the day I had learnt how to ride quicker and safer and my riding has moved to another level. I would recommend Nigel to anyone who wants to improve their riding skills. I intend to spend some months putting some practice in and then spend another day to progress some more


David Taylor One Day Assessment Workshop April 2007

Click on image to enlarge

Nigel, I had a chance to view Parts 1 and 3 which I enjoyed. It is peculiar watching yourself. The quality was pretty good from a rear view - surprised me. I can also see that there was a  bit of time spent editing to disc, something that I did not appreciate. It has had the desired effect as I can clearly see the negative points you identified - more importantly I can also see where I have improved.


Neil Cheston Advanced 2 day Workshop November 2006 - Bike hire and Accommodation Overseas client from Nice, South of France
I wanted to thank you very much for the two day course, which I found to be highly instructive and also very enjoyable. Not only did I feel that my riding and road-wareness had greatly improved, but it was also a pleasure to ride around some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain, in good company, on possibly the last two completely sunny days in the year!
Many thanks for all your patience and help, and my warmest regards to your family.
Let's keep in touch, maybe I'll be needing a top-up course next summer
Mark Edworthy Advanced 1 day Workshop - September 2006
That day I made huge improvements by my own standards. Even in the car I find that I am studying corners and gathering data about them in the new ways you have shown me, practicing this observation for when I'm on the bike. The racing line is history too, your technique is far superior for making progress.
I feel like I've been "tuned".
Something which may be useful for feedback. In the morning, I rode like an amateur.  Certainly with significantly more tension than my normal riding.  The combination of A. being watched by a stranger, B. that person being a policeman and C. being filmed, was pretty nerve wracking!  It could be that a lot of my improvement in the PM may well be down to the fact that I had got to know you and I had relaxed. 
This could very well be that I'm simply trying to justify things to myself - what the Americans call denial, Of course the truth will be in the DVDs.  Can't wait to see them. But the thing I'm trying to say  - the feedback part - is that it was my self consciousness that caused this, not any sense of intimidation.  You're an easy-going chap with a friendly manner which put me at ease and the whole day was very enjoyable. 
Carol Birchall Refresher Course - August 2006
Quick note Nigel to say that the DVD's all play fine, the split screen one
looks very good although I've not been able to watch it properly yet.

Finally managed to get out on Sunday - I'm still grinning now. Had a brilliant run, went along many of the roads we did and could hear you all the way!! I felt so much more at ease hardly dabbed the brakes at all (at least I don't think I did) and just enjoyed it so much more ... thank you.
Peter Macfarlane Advanced Workshop 4 Hours - September 2006
Just found time to fire off a few words. Thank you for a great day and although it was only half a day it was still I felt very intensive. As a result I feel my cornering has improved and my general forward observation skills have improved too by looking further ahead and planning for bends etc. I went out for a one on one session with an IAM observer last Sunday evening and following the ride he informed me that he would be recommending to the chief observer that I should be put forward for the exam immediately. I do feel more confident and in control and I can read bends better.
You have inspired me Nigel to want to learn more with a view to one day going into instruction.
Jane Kelsall Weber Construction Health and Safety Day organised by Stoke on Trent City Council Regeneration and Heritage - Road Safety - June 2006
Just a quick line to say thank you for your invaluable help at the Weber Construction Health and Safety Safety Day.  Both of your sessions were very well recieved and contributed greatly in making the day a success.
Dr Mike Chapman One Day Advanced Course - April 2006

A short note to thank you for a truly excellent learning experience yesterday. As I reflect on the impact of the course, I am clear that the areas of guidance and improvement will not only impact upon my riding, but also upon my confidence.

Thank you for providing such an enjoyable and high quality day.

Much appreciated.

David Henke 3 Day Course  - Bike hire and Accommodation Overseas client
  Just received feedback from Mr David Henke, North Carolina, United States.

Check it out:

Paul Everitt One Day Advanced Course September 2005

Hi Nigel

Thanks for everything, Paul had a brilliant day and came back buzzing.  DVD was good, I sat through every minute of it and it was clear just how much Paul’s riding had smoothed out, it looked seamless compared to his previous style.  Thank you for your hard work; I shall get Paul to put his feedback on the website.  I believe he also has some info to send you regarding headphones. Sorry for the delay in feedback, this is the first time I have been able to sit for any length of time at the computer. 

Paul is definitely interested in learning more, probably next summer, so I shall keep an eye on the website for further opportunities for him.

Kind regards


Hi Nigel, sorry for the delay in getting in touch. First of all many thanks for the

certificates and DVD. I was very impressed with the quality of the package.
Kate and I sat through it all and the enjoyment and lessons learnt came flooding back. A truly great day, I am sure the benefits will stay with me always.


Hi Nigel,
Thanks for the assessment and certificate, believe it or not I have not seen the DVD yet! busy etc.....
Boy was I 'knackered' when I got home! What a great day out and learnt so much .Believe it or not I don't go as fast as I did before we met, its knowing I  can go quicker if I need to when the conditions are right.
Don't weather you read my last email or not ,but just an update.  Seen the DVD over the weekend,  I was a bit apprehensive about seeing it a first but as the day went on I could see the change taking place ,and how did you know I am a big ac dc fan, yes even at my age..
WHAT A SUPERB PRODUCTION you do. I can tell you really enjoy what you do and helping others as well.


Tom Nestor One Day Advanced Workshop May 2005
Hi Nigel

Thinking more on what has been accomplished so far...its great to ride with a new mantra in my head Lose the view Lose the speed. I'm particularly wanting to work out more confident positioning to see and be seen but I want to understand exactly when its safe and when its not safe to be on the opposite carriageway. It is helpful when being followed to have the commentary about whether my decision making is good or bad. Also still keen to be moving more progressively when its safe to do so and it certainly helps to be in tow when you're setting a nice fast pace and perhaps the new Pan will have more fun keeping up with the vfr provided I think again about gleefully using the upper revs.
You asked about how to improve the video? Having an mph reading would be sooo kewl. Also have you thought of processing the footage to make some files for internet download? These days of broadband means potential customers like me could download selected material directly.


Matthew Collins Two Day Advanced Course 21/22.03.2005
Thanks very much for the report and certificate.
I cannot over state how useful I found the course and have been raving about
it to my friends! I am looking forward to the DVD when it is ready.
I have been out trying to put into practice some of the lessons I picked up
from the two days but feel deeply frustrated by the lack of quality, traffic
free roads, in the south east!
John Caballero Three Day Advanced Course 4/5/6.04.2005
Hi Nigel, Got home ok, it didn't rain after Newcastle but the  winds where a bit strong but got here in the end. Thanks again for all your help  and for the great hospitality your self and your family  gave  over the last 4 days. I'm looking forward to putting my new skills to good use on the roads of Scotland.  Take care will see you again soon  as I will be back  thanks again.    
Kevin Griffin One Day Advanced 29.9.2004
Once again I am fortunate enough to experience some great service and good value which I feel my fellow Viffers need to know about.

I’ve done more of my share of motorbike training – that is at least one or two courses. I’m training for my RoSPA test now. With the test in mind I contacted Nigel at Advanced Motorcycle Training cos he came across as the best person to get me the highest grade in the test I have booked (He’s an examiner for them too…ahem)

One of the by-products which I was interested in was his (unique) ability to film and comment on you when on the move all down to his Star Trek like VFR no less which has a BBC full of recording equipment on board powered by God knows what! (She cannae take it Captain!!!)

Nice bloke. Serious, laid back and very good at what he does. Some slight alterations to what I do meant my riding has started to come together at a level I wouldn’t have thought possible without putting in some serious miles over a good many years. I found that I really had a change in attitude to the road, the bends and what I can do with them. By the end of the day, we were riding 20mph faster and I’ve never felt safer… seeing yourself riding the bends and doing just the one (honest) slightly dodgy overtake really puts it all in perspective and I can honestly say that it has helped me enormously. That and I can bore the neighbours stupid with my four hour DVD of North Wales!

I would advocate training for all the members here unless they really consider themselves above any more advice, help or pointers in any aspect of their riding. Insurance discounts aside, what’s a few quid to hear someone wither point out a few things or say that you’re God on two wheels. Nowt!

Please go and see the guy at

Give him a call 07980 924738 and mention me. I really recommend a great day out and some great advice and the long term benefits…who knows, it might even save your life.

Kevin from Buxton via Amersham
"I think we’ve been in here too long. I feel unusual. I think we should go outside."

The Blue VFR Vtech from Buxton
Alastair Walker WEB SITE EDITOR INSIDEBIKES.COM Extract from Manchester Evening News, 3.9.04
After a much needed tea stop, we reviewed the footage, and chatted about the ride's highs and lows.  It was useful to get another opinion on my riding style, along with some good advice on positioning the bike for maximum view around corners, instead of taking a racing line sometimes.  The day made me think harder about 'reading' the traffic ahead in the distance, which is the key to anticipating dangerous situations, instead of just reacting to them.

Impressive stuff and you can find more out at

Virtual Vic spent a day with Advanced Motorcycle Training, based in the Midlands, to find out how useful a regular series of assessed rides can almost every one of us thinks we are `good' riders, but as I found out with a day's ride in North Wales with Nigel Bowers from Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com, there's always room for improvement. The whole rider assessment was also video taped, via an on-bike camera, as Nigel followed me for about 20 miles.

See more on  and visit Virtual Vic - Riding Techiques - Advanced Riding

Alastair Walker

Andrew Gralton 10 Session 1:1 course May 2004

Hello Nigel

Sorry its been a while in coming but work been a demanding mistress recently and I’ve only today manage to watch it fully in one sitting.

Firstly let me just say that I cannot thank you enough for the course.  It has enabled me to ride my bike in a controlled safe manner, which in turn means I used it more than I ever planned too.  The confidence skills and knowledge which has come through on this course is plain to see in the DVD’s. I know that in the short time I come a long way and I hope to keep up and build upon this foundation I feel I know have.  When I set out on this journey with you it was with the aim of build a foundation that I could build upon and I feel that not only has that been achieve but surpassed.

Finally a comment on yourself as an instructor, you have always ensured my safety built up the challenges you have asked of me as I have gained in skill and confidence.  You have always used positive reinforcement of my successes while supporting me through areas for development.  I could not have asked for a better instructor.

 Ring me any time you want a ride, and I am sure I treat my self to a top up next year

 All the best


'Ted' Croft One day assessment August 2004

Hi Nigel,

Just a quick note to say many thanks for a great day out, I really enjoyed the day, I must say it’s been  a pleasure riding with someone who actually enjoys sharing the knowledge of safe motorcycle riding, once again many thanks,


Andrew Davis One Day Assessment August 2004
  Hi Nigel
Thank you again for an excellent day out last Friday.  I certainly learned a lot from the experience, particularly from the advice regarding overtaking and thinking bike rather than car.  After a further week's practice I feel much more in control and seem to have more time in which to make manoeuvres - I guess that I must be planning my riding better.
Graeme Laslett One Day Assessment Course  July 2004

Just a quick note to say thanks for a great day out on Saturday, I found it very useful and have learnt more from a day with you than I have in the past
10 years (on and off) riding.

Once again, many thanks


Tony Hunt One Hour Assessment 2004
Hello Nigel,
Sorry not to have responded sooner but I have had a very busy week at work and have not had an opportunity to properly thank you for last weekend. I did thoroughly enjoy my assessment. I was a little apprehensive at first, only really due having to accept criticism but you very quickly put my mind at rest, as soon as I relaxed and listened to your excellent advice I honestly could feel how my riding improved.
I found the course very good indeed, very informative. Since the training I have noticed a marked improvement in my general riding and am enjoying riding the Guzzi now! I am very pleased I decided to have the assessment and will recommend you to my friends (some of which I feel would really benefit from your training)
The assessment form is very good, easy to understand and very helpful in just jogging my memory on the points I have to concentrate on (especially the initial assessment part!) and it nice to see how my overall riding improved from the initial ride.
Thank you once again for your encouragement and advise, I honest did not expect to enjoy the ride as much as I did and will not hesitate to contact you if I feel my riding standard "slipping" again.
Kind regards,
David Vesey 2 Day Assessment Course with Accommodation June 2004
  Thanks again for recommending Nigel Bowers, I enjoyed his course and learned a lot.  I would recommend it to anyone wanting some advanced training... and fun!

Best regards, David ( Hong Kong )

Martin Fitz-Gibbons BIKE Magazine MAY 2004 Issue
  It was clear I was not planning for corners far enough ahead. I think that by the end of the day I have improved this. I am still quite hesitant on some overtakes, and this is an area I could improve. I also occasionally go over the speed limits; I need to be more aware of my speed. Overall I have improved my cornering and improved my exit speed by accelerating out of corners rather than just holding a constant throttle.

Thanks again,


I got the DVD, report and certificate. Thanks a lot for all of it. I've watched bits and pieces of the DVD but not sat through the whole thing yet. The quality is impressive from what I've seen.

OWLS MCC Advanced Riding Presentation - Tuesday 27th April 2004
  The Globe was the venue for a presentation by Nigel Bowers of Advanced Motorcycle The presentation was very informative, especially as Nigel used DVD/Video footage of his training sessions. Videoing the training sessions is Nigel's speciality which allows student riders the chance to review their day of training. The evening was supported well by a good turnout of members, with the usual excellent hospitality from The Globe. For more information see Nigel's website.
  Hi Nigel, 

Just a thank you for the Promotional DVD that I received today.  I am very impressed with the contents and also your professional approach to training.  I look forward to hearing from you for my 1 hour assessment at your earliest convenience. 

Thanks once again,  Franklyn....

Craig Burton 1:1 10 Session Course 2003
Many Thanks for the course, I found it invaluable in improving both my confidence and riding ability.   Had a great time, and will be taking every opportunity to practice what I've learnt.
Paul Atkinson Assessment Ride for R.O.S.P.A. GOLD
Hi Nigel ,
Many thanks for taking the time to ride with me and pass on some of your expertise .
I do find that you are quite simply an excellent teacher and you make one settle and ride with more self confidence.
I do value your comments and I have taken note.
I would very much like to ride again with you soon. I have just received notification from ROSPA for my test so soon as I have a date I will let you know.  How soon can we meet up for some more lessons ?
The DVD for me , is just superb . I think it is very interesting watching yourself riding your machine.
I will watch it again and pick up on your engine tone in relation to gear changes.
Once again thanks again for a most enjoyable day .
Regards Paul.
Gary Forster One Day Assessment Course August 2003
Thanks Nigel, it was a brilliant day, practical, informative, friendly and damn useful; to be recommended. This kind of training should be an ongoing thing, so don't be surprised when I book up a refresher some time in the future. In the meantime I shall put the knowledge gained into practice, thanks again. 


Regards Gary
Alan Thomas One Hour Assessment Session July 2003
Hi Nigel,

The DVD arrived yesterday, seems strange to see yourself riding along, your assessment was spot on. I went for a run last night and put into practice your suggestions, I found the ride a lot more comfortable, less strained, smoother and quicker, but most off all a lot more enjoyable.

Thank you once again, speak to you soon.
 Regards Alan
Mark Turner 1:1 One Day Assessment Course May 2003
  Hi Nigel,

Sorry took so long to get back to you, but my pc has been ill :-( but back online again now :-)

Let me start by saying what a great day I had out with you. I was nervous about the day prior to meeting you, but you came across in a relaxed manner which put me at ease.
I learnt such a lot, and am now putting all of the good advice you gave me into practice whenever I go out. I still hear your voice 'tuck in, tuck in,' 'stay out stay out' but when I get it right, oooooo it feels so good.

The DVD was very good, made me look good in places, - but also a fantastic aid to view over and over again to refresh up on things, and a great memory of the day. The intro I thought was very good with my name on the title page and the music, real good touch, brought a big grin to my face.
Dr Keith Tattum Performance Course 1999
  "It has been the best year for motorcycling I have ever had. Thank you for the training, it has made my motorcycling even more enjoyable"
Bob Shaw Performance Course 1999
  Following an accident in Feb. 1999, I decided it was time to sharpen my riding skills and re-build my confidence. There were a number of options available to me, I.A.M., manufacturer sponsored courses, local or national training schools etc. I knew of the Potteries and District training organisation and decided to go with them, as they were local and the fact that the trainers were also "professional" bike riders (police, AA etc). On initial contact they came across as both friendly and professional. They explained what the course entailed, and provided me with sufficient information and literature to allow me to decide.

Over a period of approx. 10 weeks, "my" group of 3 plus trainer, were shown the techniques required of an advanced rider, and were helped in sharpening our riding skills on a wide variety of road types. I found the course both enlightening and enjoyable. Having passed the PAD Advanced course, I then took the IAM test, which I passed with ease. This reflects well on the training and support I received from PAD.

I have a number of friends and associates who are motorbike riders, of various standards, and I have recommended the PAD course to them all.

Ross Parker 1:1 One Day Assessment Course 1994
  "Just a note to say thank you. It was a most enjoyable day and I am sure that the instruction will help my motorcycling no end".
David Howarth One Day Performance Course 1999
  Testimony: PAD Advanced and Performance Course

Having ridden Motorcycles for many years from the age of 12 when a friend and I rebuilt a Honda 90 Sport (with help from our dad's) and riding it across fields and paths round our home, passing my test at 16, I continued to ride road bikes until I married in 1980 when a family car was more appropriate. Having spent 17 years without a bike the passion for Motorcycling never left me, so one day following a well-earned bonus in 1987 I told my wife I was going to spend some money on a new bike (she thought I meant a mountain bike). Returning home from work 3 days later on a 600cc Yamaha Diversion almost ended up in divorce.

However, being a shrewd negotiator I managed to convince my wife that I was a safe rider - though in my own mind I could sense that bikes had changed a bit over the last 17 years, and, in effect scared me a bit. To placate my dearest beloved I agreed to take some advanced rider training. Contacting about 3 companies I finally settled for and booked on a PAD Advanced and Performance Course with Nigel Bowers. I can honestly say that for all the money I have spent on biking gear the money I spent on the PAD course was the best investment I have ever made. The course brought back all the skills I had long since forgot, and significantly improved my riding technique and safety on the road. I paid for a course and since then have been out on several rides with other PAD Advanced riders and intructors.

The training continued and has seen me advance from a nervous born again biker to becoming a member of the Motorcycle section of the IAM and also qualified as an IAM Observer (motorcycle), soon to qualify as a Senior Observer (hopefully).

Since starting to ride bikes again I have changed bikes 3 times, now owning a BMW K1200RS, helmets 3 times, leathers once etc etc. however, when it comes to advanced rider training then in my opinion I have already experienced the ultimate, and I often go back for a refresher. There can be no substitute for excellence when training advanced riding skills and I would recommend the PAD course without any reservations.

Ian Knox Performance Course 1999
  Just thought I would drop you a line to thank you once again for the excellent 10 week training course, which I completed at the end of last year. Even though I have been riding motorcycles for 18yrs it was surprising just how much you forget, or do without thinking, that can actually be putting your life at risk. I had done a advanced course in a car in 1990 and some of the theory was the same, even so I started to learn on the very first session in the classroom. Right from the start yourself and Ian Gates came across as very friendly, assuring us even through the accident filled video that we were going to have fun whilst we were learning.

The first time I went out I was very nervous, the feeling that somebody is behind me watching my every move was very disconcerting to say the least. But from the start your words of encouragement were reassuring and your advice obviously gained from your years of experience through your work and riding motorcycles was second to none. Over the following weeks my enjoyment of riding my motorcycle increased ten fold as my confidence grew and as I tried to fine tune all the points you had advised me on my riding. This was done within the legal speed limits, but pushing my self and my motorcycle to do things I thought not possible before the course. I have learned to read the road better my concentration has improved as has my awareness to what is going on around me which is certainly made my riding more enjoyable and safer.

At the end of the sessions came the final assessment, in my case this was done by Ian Gates in order to get a none biased opinion, once again feeling nervous I was put at ease and had an excellent ride out with at the end to be told I had passed the course, much to my relief and had achieved a silver grading.

The fact that you and the others involved, do this in your own time on a shoe string budget is a credit to your dedication and commitment to motorcycle safety. This fact has finally been recognized by a leading insurance company which is offering discounts on cover following the completion and passing of the course excellent work!

I have no hesitation in recommending your course to people I know keep up the good work.


Thanks again Ian Knox.




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