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A small, professional advanced motorcycle rider training - driver mentoring firm based in North Staffordshire, United Kingdom. 
Nigel Bowers
Advanced Trainer/Coach
Motorcycles and Cars

Your Instructor 


In 1980 I joined the Traffic Division of Staffordshire Police as an advanced car driver, but opportunities presented themselves and I was soon able to attain further driving and instructor qualifications. In 1984 I obtained the highest pass (Theory and practical) for my Advanced Motorcycle Course and was awarded the Tunnicliffe trophy. In 1987 I spent 12 weeks at the number 4 Regional Driving School where in October of that year I completed an intensive 6 weeks Advanced Motorcycle course and qualified as a Police Grade 1 Advanced Motorcycle Instructor. Earlier in the year in March I qualified as a Police Grade 1 Advanced Car Instructor. Once I had qualified I spent time at the regional Driving School at Stafford applying my new skills. ​


During my time on traffic I was lucky enough to be trained as a motorcycle escort rider for the 'Tour of Britain, cycle race and also VIP escort work. This included arranging and escorting Royalty when they visited Staffordshire.


I left traffic in 1990 after being promoted to Sergeant, and decided to join a local motorcycle training group where I reorganised the Advanced section, using my skills as an Advanced Police Motorcycle Instructor. I have been directly responsible for training in excess of 400 riders, and the training provided was recognised by a number of insurance companies. In 2000 I provided a comprehensive presentation for the Prince Michael Road Safety Awards. I got to the final stages, but didn't win..


My involvement in motorcycling has given me an interest outside of the Police service and it has enabled me to develop my skills throughout the years. I sit on a number or committees and I am involved in promoting Motorcycle Road Safety in Staffordshire, taking an active role in Bike Safe 2000+, the IAM, ROSPA, Bikesense Staffordshire and SMUG. (Stoke on Trent Motorcycle User Group – Council steered). 


Despite the fact that I am highly skilled in a number of areas I have no recognised qualifications, so in 2001/2002 I was successful in obtaining a NVQ 3 Training and Development certificated in Advanced Motorcycle Training, as well as a BTEC in Motorcycle Training and Instruction (Advanced) through Edexcel covering the following skill areas, Advanced Riding, Advanced Coaching, Advanced Assessing and Advanced Training. In 2004 I became a member of RoADA and a ROSPA examiner for both cars and motorcycles. In 2005 I renewed my membership with the I.A.M. and am now registered as a car and motorcycle observer. I am also a National Registered RoSPA approved professional motorcycle instructor.


I retired from the Police Force in March 2007 having done my 30 year contract.




Police Grade 1 Advanced Motorcycle Instructor


Police Grade 1 Advanced Car Instructor


VIP Escortt trained 


NVQ 3 Training and Development certificated in Advanced Motorcycle Training


BTEC in Motorcycle Training and Instruction (Advanced)


ROSPA examiner for both cars and motorcycles


I.A.M. Senior car and motorcycle observer


DSA accredited Post Test Motorcycle Trainer. Enhanced Rider Scheme ( ERS ) (RPMT - Trainer 800026) - Never renewed membership.Check tested June 2008 - Passed 




Advanced Skills Instructor - Coach