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Advanced One Day Course


All one day assessment workshops / courses start at home with the initial contact either by phone or email. You are encouraged to complete an online rider profile which helps your instructor identify your strengths and weaknesses. The day is then is tailor made to suit your individual requirements. It is based on the Police pursuit style of training and is based on a 1:1 Rider to Instructor ratio. 


The day usually starts at 10am, and following an initial assessment ride there is regular breaks for refreshments and debriefs. All courses are recorded with the on board video system on the Instructors BMW and all commentary is recorded aswell via the bike to bike comms.All the information, debriefs etc will be documented and you will receive a training journal at the end of the day. This workshop/course is designed to develop your riding style under the expert guidance of a qualified assessor in a controlled environment..


Cost £ 250.00 1 : 1 


Cost £150.00 (Per Rider) 2 : 1 


Where can I do a Course ?​


Although we are based in North Staffordshire all courses can be run anywhere within the United Kingdom (Additional cost for traveling and any additional accommodation) but if you fancy a day out to Wales or the Peak District, the Cotswolds or exploring the roads around Melton Mowbray under the guidance of an experienced Police trained advanced instructor, then this course is for you. All courses can be arranged during the week or weekends