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Our Success


Welcome to Advanced Motorcycle Training .Com an Advanced Motorcycle Rider Assessment and Development Training Consultancy based in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. This site has been developed to help promote the Advanced Motorcycle Training and Rider Assessment courses / workshops that are run throughout the year. We offer advanced courses/ rider workshops based on the Police system of motorcycle control with a Grade 1 Advanced Police Motorcycle Instructor. In other words, personalised professional advanced defensive riding, safety awareness, assessment, coaching and training sessions. Accommodation can be arranged if you want to spend more than one day with us. Explore Wales and the Peak District.

Mentoring - Drivers


Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com has also been actively involved with driver mentoring over the years and specialises in Driver Phobias.

Advanced Courses


Although Advanced Motorcycle Training .Com is based in the North Midlands area on the edge of the Peak District it doesn't mean that the training/ assessing/mentoring is restricted to that area of the United Kingdom. 


Advanced Motorcycle Courses - All recorded with onboard video system


All the courses have been designed to identify any positive or negative issues with your motorcycling and to develop your riding skills. To be truthful you can not learn Advanced riding overnight, but you can pick up some tips and advice that you can build upon. ​